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More Older Americans Will Suffer From Low Vision, Here’s How to Make Life Easier and Safer

The number of older Americans with low vision is expected to double in the coming years, as more people live longer. Low vision describes poor vision that can’t be fixed or improved with glasses, contacts or surgery. People with low vision have blind spots that can make it difficult or impossible to drive, read or see faces. But they can retain their independence and stay safe, despite declining vision.

September is healthy aging month

The leading causes of low vision are age-related macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and inherited retinal diseases. Vision rehabilitation helps people make the most of the vision they have so they can live as independently as possible. Today, eye professionals can offer solutions that range from a simple video magnifier to enlarge text and objects, to high-tech glasses with cameras to read text and see faces.

There are many simple changes people can make on their own to help them live better:

  • Improve contrast: buy rugs that are a contrasting color with the floor.
  • Improve lighting: add lighting to staircases and dark hallways.
  • Reduce clutter and organize: give each item a specific place and identify it with a high-contrast label.
  • Embrace technology, like books on tape and personal voice-activated assistants (Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa).

September is healthy aging monthFor more information about eye health, visit the Academy’s EyeSmart website.