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Childhood is a crucial time for developing healthy vision. Symptoms of eye problems in children can sometimes be obvious and other times may be more subtle. It’s important to detect and treat issues early, while vision is still developing. Regular screenings with a pediatric ophthalmologist can help protect your child’s vision as they grow. AAO pediatric ophthalmologist Stephen Lipsky, MD, urges parents and caregivers to follow the “RSVP” rule. “RSVP stands for: redness, sensitivity to light, vision change and pain. If your child experiences any one of these, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with an eye care professional. If they have two or more of these issues, they may need more immediate medical attention.”

10 child eye problems parents should never ignore

Here are other common children’s eye symptoms you may worry about, and how to handle them. Use this link to learn details: 10 Child Eye Problems Parents Should Never Ignore

  1. Blinking or Rubbing
  2. Spots on the White of the Eye
  3. Dilated Eyes/Large Pupils
  4. Seeing Spots in Vision
  5. Discomfort or Itchiness
  6. Sleeping With Eyes Open
  7. Crust or Goop in Eyes
  8. Misaligned Eyes
  9. Head Tilting or Covering One Eye

For more information about eye health, visit the Academy’s EyeSmart website.

10 Child Eye problems should never ignore