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Ophthalmologists have long cautioned against purchasing toys that pose a danger to children’s eyes. We are now adding digital devices to our usual list of BB guns, Nerf guns, and slingshots. That’s because evidence is mounting that too much screen time and not enough time outside may be behind the recent rise in nearsightedness in children. So skip the blue light-blocking glasses and buy your child something that will finally get them off their screens. Here are some ophthalmologist-approved gift ideas from Front Range Eye Physicians:

  • Arts & crafts supplies – paint sets, coloring books, easels, jewelry beads for younger kids or knitting/sewing kits for older kids.
  • Outdoor inspired gifts – snow gear, roller skates, hiking boots, or the classic bicycle gift. Or get them the right protective eyewear for their sport of choice. For skiers or snowboarders, that means UV-protected goggles!
  • Educational games – building blocks, puzzles, age-appropriate board games-in English or in another language!
  • Social card games – Tabletopics Teen Edition, What Do You Meme – interaction with family instead of phones!
  • Ugly produce subscriptions – delivered boxes contain good produce not being sold for cosmetic reasons. Cook a meal together as a family or set your master chef teen up for success!

For more information about the rise in nearsightedness in children, watch the Academy’s YouTube video.

Don't Shoot Your Eye Out Infographic: Longmont Eye Care Center

Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out Infographic: Longmont Eye Care Center